The Finals update 1.5.5 adjusts Medium build weapon and gadget damage output and fixes that strange GPU crashing bug

The Finals
(Image credit: Embark Studios)

The Finals has received a new patch which makes major balance changes to the Medium build and more.

Update 1.5.5 went live today (January 24) with a main focus on providing some much-needed balance tweaks to the Medium build, specifically by nerfing some of its weapons. The update has also decreased the length of invulnerability after a revival.

Embark Studios noted that it's considered player feedback and explained that it will be overhauling the Medium build's Recon Senses ability as well, which is being worked on right now.

"You can look forward to that change and more in next week’s update," the studio confirmed.

Additionally, the patch has also implemented a fix to an issue that was causing certain GPUs to crash for players, while also updating tournament matchmaking in a change which will "lead to tighter player skill-gap in tournaments."

On top of these technical changes, players can also find some new goodies in the in-game store, including the brand-new Contam Couture Set which comes complete with a yellow hazard suit, gas mask, and shovel charm.

The Finals update 1.5.5 patch notes

Balance Changes



  • Decreased the length of invulnerability applied after a revive to 0.75s from 1.5s


  • Decreased the length of invulnerability applied after a revive to 0.75s from 1.5s


.357 Revolver

  • Decreased the amount of bullet dispersion applied when aiming down sights
  • Reduced damage fall-off start range to 23m from 35m
  • Reduced damage fall-off end range to 40m from 50m


  • Increased player damage to 110 from 100


  • Decreased damage to 25 from 26

Guardian Turret

  • Decreased health to 280 from 300


  • Increased player damage to 83 from 80

Throwing Knives

  • Decreased the amount of projectile dispersion applied when falling
  • Decreased the amount of projectile dispersion applied when sprinting

Content And Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where certain GPUs would sometimes crash


  • Fixed an issue where crossplay settings would not be respected when the player was in a party
  • Updated matchmaking configuration in Tournament and Ranked Tournament modes, to help ensure closer matches by skill-rating

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