No Man's Sky developer unveils its next project - Light No Fire - at The Game Awards

Light No Fire
(Image credit: Hello Games)

The developers of No Man's Sky have been cooking up a new project, and it was finally revealed last night at The Game Awards.

On stage towards the tail-end of the event, Hello Games' Sean Murray debuted Light No Fire along with some details and its first trailer, which you can watch for yourself below.

Light No Fire pivots to a fantasy setting while maintaining the multiplayer, exploration, and building aspects of No Man's Sky. In a press release, the developer describes the game as having a "procedural Earth" that's a "truly open world, with no boundaries at a scale never attempted before."

Instead of exploring entire galaxies, Light No Fire limits itself to just a single planet. However, Hello Games has said that planet is "the size of Earth," stressing that it'll offer a density not seen in No Man's Sky. Apparently, we'll be able to climb all of its mountains and delve into the deepest oceans, all while flying dragons and taming wild beasts. This is a fantasy setting, remember?

Hello Games has also stressed that Light No Fire isn't going to be a power fantasy. You'll very much be a plucky survivor in this world, which hopefully means that all your exploration and big discoveries will feel like you truly earned them.

No release date has been announced as of yet, so it's safe to assume we may not get to play Light No Fire for at least a year or two. The developer says it's been working on the title for about five years now. Plus, with all the updates and improvements made to No Man's Sky after its infamous launch, one would hope Hello Games is now infinitely more prepared to present a quality open-world product at the time of release.

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