Fortnite players rejoice - running speed has been increased in the latest update

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1
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It’s the update that so many Fortnite players have been waiting for - movement speed while running and crouching has been increased, meaning you’ll now be able to charge around the Chapter Five map faster than ever before.

Earlier this month, with the launch of Fortnite Chapter Five: Season One, players were quick to point out that the game’s movement felt very different, and not everyone was a huge fan of it. Addressing this on Twitter / X on December 4, the official Fortnite account explained that while sideways and backward movement was faster, crouching, running and sprinting was slower (although players’ stamina bars recovered faster).

A couple of days after this, the team added that it was “currently exploring a few options to speed things up while keeping the fresh, new animations,” and this latest update has done just that. Outlined in a post on the Fortnite blog, it’s been revealed that alongside the movement speed changes, camera movement has been reduced, the view players see when they start sprinting has been altered, and animations have been tweaked to match the new speeds, too. It’s worth noting that every player’s Custom Diagonal Movement settings have been reset following the latest update, so be sure to check those if you’ve altered them before.

Otherwise, several other key changes have been rolled out, too. Some areas of the map that were considered to be too dark at night have been brightened (the blog post hasn’t specified which have been altered), and the edge of the Storm circle should now be easier to see. The weapon icons for the Frenzy Auto Shotgun and the Thunder Burst SMG have been tweaked so that they’re easier to differentiate, too. 

Importantly, the map icons for Society Medallions (which players can earn by defeating certain boss NPCs, and then equip to regenerate their Shield points) should now stand out more, and visual noise on the mini-map - which built up as several players with Medallions were stood close together - has been reduced.

Downtime for this update is over, so players can dive in right now and try out the changes for themselves. 

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Catherine Lewis
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