Dead by Daylight nerfs its most overpowered killer in latest update

Dead by Daylight screenshot showing Chucky
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour Interactive has nerfed Dead by Daylight's latest and most overpowered Killer. 

The latest developer update for the studio's asymmetric horror game has introduced quite a few changes primarily focusing on tweaking Chucky ahead of his official release alongside Chapter 30 on November 28.

Chucky has been playable in the Public Test Build (PTB) for a couple of weeks now and has proved to be quite the addition to the game's roster of iconic horror characters, but Behaviour has decided that one particular ability that was making the pint-sized menace a little too overpowered will be getting changed.

This is a "small tweak" to one of the new perks, Batteries Included, which gives the Killer a lingering speed boost when they pass by a powered Generator. However, the developer says that there's a problem with it, explaining that "When the last Generator is powered, all Generators become powered", which ultimately made the perk far stronger in the endgame than intended.

Combined with other Perks such as Hex: No One Escapes Death and used on a smaller map, it gave Chucky a higher advantage, but instead of reducing the effects of the perk, Batteries Included will now deactivate when the exit gates are powered.

Additionally, the update slightly increases the time it takes to Scamper under a pallet from 1.2 seconds to 1.4 seconds to give Survivors a chance to react, and the Chucky's movement speed has been adjusted after missing a Slice & Dice attack so the player can gain more distance after a successful dodge

It's not just Chucky who received some changes though. The Trickster has also had his throw rate reverted back from four to three blades per second, and while his laceration meter will remain at eight blades like in the PTB, his increased movement speed will help him catch up to a Survivor faster to land a few more blades more often.

The Trickster's Main Event ability will also now require eight blades to activate since Behaviour found it was a little too easy to earn in the PTB, which was aided further by specific Add-Ons. 

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