Baldur's Gate 3 loophole lets you complete Wyll's quest to kill Karlach without actually killing her

Karlach speaks to Tav about murder
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Baldur's Gate 3 is famous for rewarding lateral thinking from its players. One Reddit user has taken this to an extreme, however, by finding a way to complete Wyll's quest to kill Karlach without actually offing her. 

For those who just got here, Wyll and Karlach are both companion characters in Larian Studios' critically acclaimed fantasy RPG. Wyll is a Warlock, who draws his powers from a dark pact with a demon while Karlach is a peppy ex-soldier who deserted her tyrannical master in search of freedom. 

When we first meet Wyll, it turns out that he's under orders from his pact to kill Karlach. Ordinarily, if you want to recruit both characters, you'll need to fail Wyll's quest. This causes the demon he's pacted with to appear and curse him as punishment, twisting his features and giving him a pair of unsightly horns. 

It's a bit of a Catch-22, but Reddit user Leyllara seems to have found a way to get around Wyll's demonic contract, saving Karlach's life as well as the Warlock's handsome visage. 

Leyllara outlined five steps in their post. First off, you'll need to kill Karlach without talking to her or to the Paladins of Tyr nearby - preferably while disguised. You'll want to do this without Wyll in the party. Next, return to camp and tell Wyll you've done the deed. Afterward, go back to Karlach's body and use a Scroll of Revivify to bring her back to life. Be sure to raise her as far from the party as you can so she doesn't notice you were there. Next, return to camp and complete a long rest. This will trigger Wyll's quest and save him from a potential cursing. Finally, go back to Karlach the next day without Wyll in your party and recruit her as normal.  

However, it's possible that this loophole wasn't exactly intended by Larian. As Reddit user Meikos put it, "Wyll still moped at the party about having killed Karlach as he normally would, despite the fact that she's several meters away dancing." However, for fans of both characters, these little hiccups may well be worth it.

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