Apex Legends offers another nod to Titanfall with new character Conduit

Apex Legends Conduit
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the next playable character to join Apex Legends ahead of the release of Season 19.

Players won't have long to wait as Season 19: Ignite is scheduled to launch on October 31, but to tease the upcoming update we've received the first look at the battle royale's newest Legend, named Conduit.

Conduit was officially unveiled in a new Apex Legends: Stories animated short which provides fans with her background and origin story, building on the game's already deep lore. 

She's described as a "tiny titan of optimism" and yes, Conduit does have a connection to Respawn's popular Titanfall series. The animated short shows that she was saved by a Monarch Titan who sacrificed itself during a battle that threatened to destroy herself and her home. 

In the story trailer, we see that years later, Conduit returns to where the Monarch Titan died and retrieves the remains of its battery, which gives her special abilities, allowing her to enter the Apex Games and look after her family.

"Inspired by the hero that once saved her life, Conduit trades her own future for the opportunity to become an Apex Legend and provide for her family," the description reads.

Conduit's official character art shows how the abilities have affected her body, with blue veins that look like lightning trailing up her arm

We don't have any official game footage just yet, and it hasn't been made clear how her abilities will work in the game and if they'll be similar to those from the Titanfall games. However, with only a week to go before Season 19, we're sure to get more information on Conduit soon enough.

Last month, players came rushing back to Titanfall 2 after Respawn quietly fixed the matchmaking server issues that had been plaguing the game for years. What's more, a recent Apex Legends update made fans believe that the developer was teasing Titanfall 3 after the patch notes included a series of numbers that translated to the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

However, it looks like the latest Conduit reveal could have something to do with the teaser, meaning those waiting on a Titanfall 3 announcement will just have to be patient. 

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