Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is finally launching worldwide next month

Warzone Mobile
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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is finally set to launch in full next month following the decision to delay the game late last year.

A free-to-play mobile shooter, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is a successor to Call of Duty: Mobile that seems set to offer a portable gaming experience that is even closer to its console counterparts. Featuring full cross-progression with Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, Warzone Mobile will let you access the majority of your unlocked content on the go.

Completing matches in Warzone Mobile will also contribute to your player level, weapon level, and overall battle pass progression offering you the chance to continue grinding while you’re away from home. Although the game is currently only available in a limited capacity in select regions, a recent post on the official Call of Duty blog has confirmed that it is going to launch worldwide for both Android and iOS devices on March 21, 2024.

In addition to the cross-progression, the blog post also outlines some of the features that players can expect to see in the full launch. This includes the long-awaited return of the fan-favorite Verdansk map in a huge 120-player battle royale mode. We'll also be getting Rebirth Island in a small-scale 48-player Resurgence mode.

Despite what the name might suggest, Warzone Mobile will also have some core multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search & Destroy, and Hardcore. Maps range from Shipment to Shoot House and Scrapyard, presumably all based on their recent Modern Warfare 3 incarnations.

If you’re interested in giving the game a go, it’s worth noting that you can net yourself some pretty neat rewards by simply pre-registering for the app on your device. This includes the Condemned operator skin for Ghost, the M4 Archfiend weapon blueprint, the Prince of Hell weapon blueprint, the Foe’s Flame vinyl, and the Dark Familiar emblem.

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