Artists from the recently shuttered Free Radical Design have revealed some concept art from an unannounced project

Cover art from TimeSplitters 2.
(Image credit: Eidos Interactive)

Former employees of the recently closed Free Radical Design, an Embracer Group-owned British video game developer that was responsible for the iconic TimeSplitters first-person shooter (FPS) series, have been sharing concept art for an unannounced project.

In a Tweet by character artist Alfred Turner, the developer states that they have “been cleared to post some more work from my time at Free Radical Design” above a link to their ArtStation profile. This profile contains a number of folders filled with concept art showing various characters from a mysterious unannounced title. You can read their full Tweet and browse the ArtStation page below:

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A number of other ex-employees have also been sharing some of their work. This includes Mark Normington, a former Senior Artist, who has been posting concept art for various in-game weapons from his time at Free Radical Design. 

There is no suggestion as to what this concept art may have been for right now but, as it has been known that the studio was working on a new TimeSplitters game since 2021, it seems very likely that some of it was related to the series in some way. 

The overall look of the characters and weapons would also support this theory. They seem to be from a bit of a mish-mash of different themes and time periods, ranging from the Second World War to futuristic sci-fi which would fit the series’ time travel mechanics.

TimeSplitters fans have also been reacting to the art, with one posting "you've honestly done a fantastic job with those character models. They fit the TimeSplitters style perfectly" in response to Turner's Tweet. 

In the same post, Turner also suggests that they “will be posting more soon,” so it’s probably going to be worth keeping an eye out in case more material from the canceled project begins to surface over the coming months.

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