Forget any password headaches – Keeper password manager is 30% off right now

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How many online accounts do you have? At least 20 or 30, no doubt, or maybe more like 40, 50, or 100? Even more than that? After years of online life, and signing up to a whole bunch of services, sites, portals and goodness knows what else, your account count, as it were, is likely to have spiralled rapidly upwards and out of control. And we’re all familiar with just how much of a headache it can be maintaining suitably secure passwords for all those many logins.

The problem is that it’s too tempting to make passwords overly simple, or reuse them – or both of the above – for the sake of convenience and being able to remember them. Either that, or if you do plump for more complex passwords, you might write them down to aid recall, in a pad, or on post-it notes maybe.

All of those are woeful security habits, of course, and it’s no secret that as an online society, we need to do better with our passwords. When we see reports highlighting that even US federal agencies fall down when it comes to password practices, that clearly underlines how bad things have got in some respects. Specifically, this was an audit of user accounts at the US Department of the Interior, and it was found that more than 20% of passwords could be cracked due to their lack of security.

What’s the answer, then? Well, on a broad societal level, that’s a seriously tough nut to crack (unlike the aforementioned passwords). But when talking about your individual security, we can offer one easy solution which fully maintains defences against cracking and hackers – namely a password manager.

Not just any old password manager, mind you, but a good one, and as you may be aware, we maintain a list of the best password managers around. The good news is that right now, one of those top picks has a deal knocking a considerable chunk of cash off the asking price.

We’re talking about Keeper, an app that’ll maintain passwords across all your online accounts and devices, saving you a whole load of hassle and generally making your life easier. Indeed, talking of making life easy, Keeper doesn’t just take care of all your password needs, but also offers other features, like automatically filling in online forms with common details (name, address, email, and so on). As for the deal, that gives you 30% off Keeper right now – and all its add-ons, too – with the offer running through until March 1.

Keeper Unlimited Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Unlimited Plan: £20.99 per year| 1 user
Save 30% - This plan caters for an individual user, providing unlimited password storage across all devices. Keeper sports other features such as securely storing card payment details to make online shopping a more convenient experience. This deal runs until March 1.

Keeper Family Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Family Plan: £50.39 per year  | 5 users
Save 30% - The Family plan delivers all the features of the Unlimited subscription, but offers support for five users, who each get a private vault for storing sensitive data. This offer runs until March 1.

You can get 30% off both tiers of subscription, with the entry-level package being Keeper Unlimited. This is the plan tailored for one individual user, providing unlimited passwords across all their devices, alongside a bunch of extras like the auto-fill form function we mentioned.

Those who want more coverage than just the one user need to bag themselves Keeper Family. This plan is the same as the Unlimited tier, but supports five users, and gives each person a secure vault in which they can store sensitive data (plus it offers 10GB of secure cloud storage).

Keeper add-ons also have the 30% discount applied, and you can choose any of these – or all of them – when you buy a subscription plan. The add-ons include nifty extras such as BreachWatch, which keeps a sharp eye out for any of your passwords appearing online – due to a breach or hack – alerting you, so that you can then take swift action to prevent an account from being compromised.

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