Avermedia AverTV Hybrid Express Slim review

The first 54mm ExpressCard TV tuner,good things really do come in small packages

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Our Verdict

This tiny tuner works well and has some good features, and is certainly worth your consideration


  • Discreet
  • Decent software
  • Some good extra features


  • Can get quite hot when in use

This latest TV tuner from AverMedia takes a different slant by being the first 54mm ExpressCard tuner. This means, apart from the aerial connector, the card is hidden away in your machine, so is better for the mobile user. That said, we found it grew hot when using it for long periods.

As with all TV tuners, you'll find a portable aerial supplied, but the quality of the transmission depends on how close to a TV mast you are. We'd suggest plugging it into a rooftop aerial whenever possible. Controlled using the newly improved Aver TV6 software, you can control not only the television programs on your laptop, but all the multimedia installed. If you have an ExpressCard slot and the desire to record TV on your laptop, this is one of the better devices on the market.