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Trendnet TEW 429UF review

The ultimate traveller's companion has arrived...

Our Verdict

A fantastic amalgam of useful tech in one stylish device


  • Several useful features in one device


  • Quite expensive

There has rarely been a greater example of the jack-of-all-trades approach to peripherals than this. Trendnet has somehow crammed a WLAN adapter, 512MB of flash memory and a wireless hotspot detector into this pocket-sized device.

The detector picks up any signals in range and presents the wireless standard, signal strength and security on an LCD screen, thus saving you the effort of hauling out your laptop.

While we'd be loath to pick up a standalone detector, TrendNet has made us realise not only how useful they are, and just how many pubs and bars are hopping on the wireless bandwagon. Of course, if your notebook lacks a wireless adapter, this becomes something of a bargain, too.

Our only criticisms of the 429UF are that it's perhaps a shade expensive and slightly on the chunky side, compared to some USB keys we've seen. But when there's this much tech included, you're hardly likely to worry about it ruining the line of your trousers. PC Format staff