A waterproof flash drive with lots of storage

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Our Verdict

There's a lot of things going for the ATV, if it lowers its price a bit


  • Great design
  • Looks good
  • Decent performance


  • Bit pricey
  • Not the quickest flash drive out there

We checked out the wasp-like, turbo-charged version of the ATV flash memory stick a few months back and now we've got its big brother, the black and blue, 16GB version. It's still got the rubberised, 'ruggedized' shell that let us submerge the Turbo version in a bottle of water for a day without trouble, so the security conscious can even take your most vital data into the shower with you... if you must.

Not the fastest

It's not quite as fast as the original Turbo - you see it wasn't just a clever name - but still it's no slouch. Price-wise you can pick up cheaper 16GB drives like the excellent Corsair Voyager, which is a bit of a sticking point, but the design of the rubber housing is neat, especially the simple but incredibly effective cap holder.

It's certainly worth a look if you manage to find one around the £70 mark, which you should find happening once 32GB flash sticks become more readily available.