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Lacie iamaKey 4GB review

Taking the idea of a USB key to it's logical conclusion

Lacie iamaKey 4GB
The iamaKey 4GB is quite literally a USB 'key'

Our Verdict

Exceptional design makes it stand out from the crowd


  • Decent storage
  • Small form factor
  • Excellent design

We never settled on a generic name for USB memory sticks, but because many of us keep them on a keyring, and 'key drives' is one of the candidate names, we're charmed by the latest line from LaCie, the iamaKey 4GB.

There are three different models; this version is sleek and has a scratch-resistant connector. As for the other models, the itsaKey is a bit chunkier, and the PassKey has no memory of its own, but a slot for a microSD card.

The prices, capacities and speeds are great. LaCie has produced a unique design that has us reaching for our wallet.

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