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Imation Wristband Flash Drive review

256MB of flash memory you can wear

Would you wear one of these?

Our Verdict

The gimp-tastic rubber makes us feel a bit ill


  • Durable construction


  • Nauseating smell

It's not often we see manufacturers tread the peripherals-as-fetish-wear route, but that's exactly what imation has done with its rubberised wristband flash disk.

As soon as we unpacked it, we were hit with the same wave of nausea, thanks to a pungent synthetic aroma, that we get when we wander past one of those inexplicable shops dedicated to soap and bath salts.

Aside from that, this just appears to be an overly expensive way to get your hands on 256MB of flash memory. There's no doubt this drive is durable, but whether you'd actually want to wear one is another matter entirely. PC Format staff