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Rock Pegasus 210 review

Rock's Pegasus is a stylish and highly portable laptop, but unfortunately lacking in performance

Our Verdict

More of an ultraportable than a laptop in its styling, this machine is a good choice if you need mobility over performance but if not we would recommend you look elsewhere


  • Durable chassis
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life


  • Small keyboard
  • Integrated graphics
  • Small HDD

The Rock Pegasus 210 is a strong and stylish ultraportable which chooses to sacrifice power and performance for optimum mobility.

The 12.1-inch 1280 x 800-pixel screen provides bright and colourful images and is great for office work. However, it features a Super- TFT covering which can cause distracting reflections in changing light conditions.

The keyboard is small, and those with large hands may struggle at first. However, the keys move smoothly and accurately and feel solid to the touch. The touchpad is also quite small and it might be worth packing an external mouse in your laptop bag.

Durable chassis

Being constructed from magnesium-alloy and brushed aluminium, the chassis of the laptop is very durable. Weighing in at an impressive 1.4kg, it's very light, which is great if you have portability in mind.

It also looks great; Rock has managed to strike a balance between consumer and corporate styling, so the laptop will look at home in both the living room and boardroom.

Unfortunately, the external quality is not mirrored internally. The outdated Intel GMA 950 graphics card is the least powerful variant here and performance scores drop accordingly. While basic image editing shouldn't prove a problem, gaming is not an option and only the lightest of multimedia use is possible.

Performance is also limited due to the single-core Intel A110 processor which Rock has used in this laptop. While the chip is energy-efficient, providing an excellent battery life of 300 minutes, performance is sluggish even under a mild workload.

To combat these issues, Rock has opted to run Microsoft's Windows XP Professional operating system instead of the more resource-intensive Windows Vista.


A key selling point of this laptop is its HSDPA broadband connectivity, which is still rare in the majority of laptops. It means you aren't confined to Wi-Fi hotspots if you need internet access, and you can get easily online whenever you're in range of a mobile phone mast.

The 80GB hard drive isn't very capacious and quite slow, further hindering performance, but it suits basic business use. A unique feature is the fact that the drive is shock-mounted. This means that if you drop the laptop or knock it off a table, your data will be kept safe.

While the Rock Pegasus 210 provides excellent portability, connectivity and styling, its low performance means it's hard to recommend for anyone other than frequent business travellers. At this price point, there are better and more powerful laptops available to buy.

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