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FSC Lifebook T1010 review

A stylish, powerful and comfortable Tablet PC, but it has a warm-running chassis

Due to its bulk, the T1010 makes a better laptop than it does a tablet PC, in our opinion

Our Verdict

A great tablet PC, but not as portable as we'd expect


  • Robust build
  • Good feature set
  • Decent performance


  • Runs quite warm
  • Limited connectivity

The Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) Lifebook T1010 (£1067 inc. VAT) is a Tablet PC with a regular keyboard and a screen that rotates 180 degrees to the left or right, and folds flat for data entry when you're on the move.

With a glossy-white patterned finish, it's an attractive machine aimed at corporate users.

The 13.3-inch display is a digitised panel – allowing you to use your fingers to control the cursor in addition to a stylus. We found it worked well and colours were unaffected by the technology, with images proving bright and vibrant.

Great keyboard

Graphics come in the form of Intel's integrated GMA 4500MHD chip. Although it doesn't offer the same 3D power as a dedicated solution, it's fine for office tasks and browsing the internet, and helps to support a battery life of 276 minutes.

When used as a regular laptop, the T1010 features one of the best keyboards we've seen on a Tablet PC. The responsive keys offer just the right amount of travel. The touchpad also proved precise, although the mouse buttons could have been more responsive.


Comfort is affected by the amount of heat generated by the 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, with the palm rests heating up quickly under use. It's not a serious problem, but it can be unpleasant for longer periods of use.

Build quality is otherwise good, with strong plastics used throughout and a sturdy hinge holding the display in place. Although the 2.5kg weight is reasonable in relation to standard laptops, it's a little
heavy for a Tablet PC, especially when held with one hand.

Comfort may be compromised by the powerful processor, but performance definitely benefits. 2048MB of memory is provided as standard which, although adequate, is slightly less than we've come to expect of a machine at this price point. That said, the FSC responded quickly and without lag during everyday use.

Connectivity constrictions

Features are also impressive, with the fastest fixed and wireless network adapters in place for connecting to home and office networks. The lack of a fingerprint scanner seems a strange omission for a corporate system, however.

The compact size also restricts the amount of ports on offer. You'll be able to connect an external display, but via the analogue VGA port only. There are three USB ports for adding peripherals, but the chassis is bereft of other ports.

Overall, the FSC Lifebook T1010 is a good all-round machine, but we can't help thinking it makes a better laptop than it does Tablet PC. At this weight, it's simply a little too cumbersome to hold comfortably in one hand.