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Man builds 3-foot SNES controller

SCAD inc's enormous SNES pad
SCAD inc's enormous SNES pad

Modders have put together a humongous Nintendo controller measuring 40 inches wide – and yes, it does actually work!

Matt LaBoone, who was in charge of the SCAD inc. project, said it was a real challenge to recreate the curved edges of the pad, mount the giant buttons with big clamps while the chassis dried, and get all the fonts right for all the button labels – which he achieved by creating stencils on a computer before having them machine cut.

"Real job"

According to Gizmondo, it took the team the whole summer between "real jobs" and college to put the controller together.

Videos of the colossal controller in action are available on SCAD inc.'s blog, and you can also view various posts detailing the long, arduous build process of this cracking piece of tech.