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World's largest glasses-free 3D display shown off

World's largest glasses-free 3D display shown off
3D - glasses free!

The biggest-ever glasses-free display has been shown off in Japan, courtesy of JVC and Kenwood and a whopping 57 projectors.

The 57 projectors means that you can watch content from 57 viewing angles and a side effect of this means that you can actually peer around the side of objects on the screen.

And when it comes to the screen, it's a pretty sizeable 200 inches. It also weighs in at 500kg.

Sign of the times

JVC and Kenwood – alongside Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications (NICT) – are for obvious reasons not pitching this screen for the consumer market but it is hoping that the tech will someday end up in digital signage.

Its makers are also hoping that it can extend the viewing angle to 200 at some point.

This is probably to avoid any legal problems with Heinz, which seems to have inherited the number 57 as its own.


When it comes to glasses-free 3D in the home, currently Toshiba is the biggest glasses hater around, and will be offering the 55-inch ZL2 TV in the UK soon.

Check out a video of the 3D panel in action, courtesy of Digi Info.

From Akihabaranews Via Slash Gear