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UK leading worldwide digital TV race

Digital TV is becoming widespread
Digital TV is becoming widespread

The UK is streets ahead of the rest of the world in terms of digital television take-up but although we watch more television on average than our European brethren, we still watch nearly an hour less than the United States.

The International Communications Market Report for 2008 published by Ofcom brings a wealth of interesting statistics, one of which shows just how far the UK has gone in bringing digital television into its homes.

At the moment, 86% of UK homes have digital television, some 16% ahead of its nearest rival the US on 70%, hopefully showing the digital switchover should have less impact on British shores than elsewhere.

Lot of telly

The average TV viewer in watched 3.4 hours of programming a day across Europe – but 3.6 hours in the UK. That may seem a lot, but the US' average of 4.5 hours a day puts it very much in the shade.

In terms of HD, the United States is well ahead of anybody else, offering 177 channels across its platforms, Sky's raft of HD channels helps the UK into third place behind Japan.