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Monster announces 'world's first universal 3D eyewear'

Monster 3D specs
Monster 3D specs

Monster has announced what it is calling the world's first universal 3D eyewear "shutter system" – claiming it will work with all brands of 3D televisions.

The AV accessories specialist insists that the Monster Vision Max 3D range is the "world's first and only universal wireless 3D eyewear "shutter system.

"Monster's exclusive Active 3D eyewear system is the only RF Shutter system that will work with all brands of 3D HDTVs, allowing users to experience a new level of power and 3-Dimensional visual immersion while watching Blu-ray movies or playing advanced video games," explains Monster.


"Monster Vision Max 3D glasses feature a stylish and lightweight high-gloss black design that allows users to wear them for hours without experiencing any fatigue."

Monster explains that the technology utilises 'leading-edge' RF technology, with 3D active sync based on BitCauldron's HeartBeat technology.

Monster Vision's eyeglasses and transmitter have a UK release date of late September and are priced at £165, with each extra pair of glasses costing £115.