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Designer limited edition Sky+ boxes launched

Designer limited edition Sky+ launched
This is supposed to evoke...something. Possibly that night with the dodgy curry.

Sky has launched a series of limited edition Sky+ HD boxes to mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of Sky+.

The satellite giant has teamed up with high profile designers from the worlds of fashion, fabric and jewellery design.


"We're really excited about working with such a high-profile selection of designers to celebrate ten years of Sky+, these designs will really stand out in our customers' homes." said Hilary Perchard, Sky's director of product management.

Farrow and ball


"Sky+ has been innovating for the past 10 years and we continue to do so updating and bettering the service in line with consumer trends."


The boxes have, of course, come in time for Christmas – so If you're looking for something to match your curtains / carpet / drug-fuelled hallucination then you're in luck.

Julie verhoeven

Despite the new designs, we plumped for the all black box designed by noted minimalist Amstrad.

Kicking it old school…