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McAfee names top internet threats

Fake eBay messages are among the most common phishing scams. That's the finding of McAfee 's list of the top internet threats during October.

The top 10 threats feature no fewer than three eBay -related messages, plus two from its PayPal payment service. Other common messages were claiming to be from online banks, threatening with disruption of services if the receiver did not click on the featured link in an email.

Among the brands most targeted by phishing scams, Barclays led the way with more than twice as many phishing attempts compared with Austrian bank VolksBank , which grabbed the second place (41.1 and 19.2 per cent respectively).

The top 10 phishing scams (as written):

1. Question from eBay Member

2. Notification from Capital One

3. Urgent Alert: Your Online Banking is Blocked

4. System maintenance, Please Reactivate your Paypal Online Access!

5. Online-Banking

6. Message from eBay Member regarding Item

7. Dear PayPal Member

8. Billing Notification From

9. eilige Information

10. eBay New Message Received from Buyer for Item

Top brands targeted by phishing scams:

1. Barclays : 41.1 per cent

2. VolksBank : 19.2 per cent

3. Natwest : 10.3 per cent

4. eBay : 9.6 per cent

5. Bank of America : 8.2 per cent

6. Fifth Third Bank : 6.9 per cent

7. Chase : 2.1 per cent

8. Capital One : 1.4 per cent

9. Heritage Bank : 0.7 per cent

10. Others: 0.7 per cent