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Apple has an idea to stop your autocorrect embarrassments


Autocorrect can lead to some embarrassing changes to your messages, and Apple has an idea of how it can prevent you from future slip-ups.

A new patent shows an idea to underline all autocorrected words on iPhone or iPad with a blue line. It should make it easy to spot what has been changed before you send your message.

Unlike spelling mistakes, which are highlighted with a red line, blue will be specifically for autocorrected words.

Correction heaven

The patent was filed to the US Patent and Trademark Office in July 2015, but until Apple officially announces anything there's no certainty we'll see the feature roll out. Like many companies, Apple patents many ideas it doesn't end up using.

The bigger question is whether users would actually make use of the feature.

One of the main reasons autocorrect fails happen is down to people not reading through their messages before pressing send, so would a blue line really make you stop and think about it?

Via Phone Arena