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Blu-ray laptops coming from Apple and Dell

Will the MacBook Pro have a Blu-ray drive later this year?

Apple and Dell are planning to release notebooks later this year that offer Blu-ray drives, according to numerous reports.

Now that Blu-ray has won the high-def format war and HD DVD is out of the picture, more companies are jumping on the Blu-ray bandwagon and starting to move into the next-generation of media technology. In a new report from the US,




could be leading the charge.

Power-hungry Blu-ray

However, some have cautioned that Blu-ray drives have proven to be quite troublesome for those looking for longer battery lives. In fact, Wired is reporting that the first-generation of Blu-ray players already available in notebooks are running out of juice halfway through a movie.

Regardless, both Dell and Apple have allegedly been courting Sony for Blu-ray drives for high-end notebook models in the hope that future generations will fix those battery issues, creating a more compelling reason to buy the computers.

The reports have neither been confirmed nor denied by Apple or Dell but, if true, look out for Blu-ray-equipped notebooks later this year.