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Twitter to attend government riots talks

Twitter confirms attendance at government meeting

Twitter has confirmed that it will attend a parliamentary meeting to investigate how the use of social networking sites attributed to a dramatic escalation of the recent riots across the UK.

The site confirmed to The Next Web blog that it will be present at the meeting with Home Secretary Theresa May, this coming Thursday 25 August.

RIM and Facebook, whose services have also been linked to the rapid spread of violence, had already confirmed their attendance.

The government meeting will attempt to bring a better understanding of how youths used the likes of BlackBerry Messenger in order to organise the shocking riots.


During the troubles, many government and law-enforcement figures called for the likes of BBM to be shut down in order to prevent the rapid spread of disturbances occurring again.

That subject will surely be on the table during Thursday's meeting, although it's unlikely that the sites and services in question will be willing to take heed.

The authorities have already acted with haste, dishing out lengthy prison sentences for those found guilty of using Facebook to incite riots.

A teenage woman is also facing charges of using the BlackBerry Messenger service in order to encourage friends to riot in the seaside town of Clacton, Essex.