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One betting site is unashamedly offering odds on the Ashley Madison leak

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is getting in on the Ashley Madison drama by offering up some scandalous odds on which high-profile people will be revealed in the data leak.

Highlights include a 1/10 on a Premier League footballer being revealed and 1/4 on someone in the UK Government cabinet being outed (which as we reported earlier, is quite possible).

We expect those odds won't be available for long as people the world over install Onion and scrape data for juicy details. However, Ashley Madison didn't verify users' email addresses for some time, leading to a lot of fake accounts being set up, so we're not sure how Paddy Power intends to confirm the details.

More importantly, we don't think it's an appropriate response to a data breach that could potentially make a lot of people's lives miserable, many of which may be incorrectly blamed for infidelity due because of a fake account.