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Blogs blamed for suicide

Should bloggers be less venomous and a little more restrained?

Bloggers and people who post anonymous comments have come under fire following the suicide of advertising executive Paul Tilley.

Tilley, creative director of DBB Chicago and the man behind ad campaigns like ‘I’m Lovin it’ for fast food chain McDonalds, took his own life last month. His death has sparked a backlash against two major industry blogs.

According to the International Herald Tribune, comments on both the AgencySpy and AdScam blogs have castigated the sites for their past criticism of Tilley. They accuse them of contributing to his sad demise.


The Tribune interviewed the anonymous writer of AgencySpy, reporting that she felt her material could not be held responsible for the suicide.

"I'm saddened by Paul Tilley's death, but I do not feel that my blog postings contributed to the events that occurred," she said.

The increasing influence of blogs cannot be underestimated, with several satirical industry focused-websites becoming hugely popular.

The Fake Steve Jobs blog, a spoof piece of writing pretending to be penned by the Apple supremo, hit the headlines when the true writer was finally ‘outed’. A fake BBC3 controller blog has also garnered much recent attention.