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Anonymous threatens publication of 2.7 million private emails

The Anonymous collective has turned its attention to US security companies

Hacker group Anonymous has revealed its latest gambit - the publication of 2.7 million confidential emails stolen from US analyst company Stratfor.

According to the company, the attack happened on Christmas Eve. Stratfor has announced it has brought in independent security consultants to strengthen its systems against attack.

The collective clearly hopes to embarrass the company, who produce analysis for subscribers, including banks and oil companies.

Anonymous has published some of the emails already and is threatening to post the rest. "Just a small preview of the mayhem to come," said a message with the posted sample.

The group also claims to have donated $500,000 to charity using information found in the emails, which include more than 10,000 current credit card numbers and many thousands of encrypted passwords

The campaign appears to be part of 'antisec', a sideshoot of Anonymous designed to wage a campaign against the private security industry. Another name used was 'Operation Robin Hood'.

Via the New York Times.