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System software 3.0 will bring YouTube Gaming to PS4

YouTube Gaming on PS4

It's official: Sony's PS4 will be the first console to support Twitch's all-new game streaming rival, YouTube Gaming, as soon as software 3.0 (codenamed: Kenshin) comes out.

Sony made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog Tuesday afternoon in a post that details what features users can look forward to in the next firmware update.

Besides a new game streaming option, PS4's UI will receive a number of enhanced social features like an events hub for notifications on games you play the most, communities, a favorite groups option that lets you join a multi-person party with one step and a new "request to watch gameplay" option that uses Share Play.

Sony didn't have an exact date for the patch to roll out, but did say that anyone accepted as a beta tester in its new testing program will "get to see these features first-hand very soon."