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PSP games to go online via PS3 link

Proper PSP online gaming is inching ever closer

Among the dozens of minor announcements from Sony at the Tokyo Game Show this week, we almost overlooked a tweak to the PSP that adds considerably to its appeal to hardcore gamers.

Come the end of October, several PSP games whose online aspects are now restricted to local wireless networks only will get the ability to hook up with other players worldwide.

Monster huntin'

The new Adhoc Party for PSP service requires the presence of a PS3 to facilitate the internet connection, which clearly limits its appeal somewhat.

However, the first Adhoc Party title will be Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G – one of the key drivers of the PSP's recent sales uptick in Japan.

Better yet, the new service will support in-game voice chat and will be a free download from the PlayStation Store.