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Kickstarter goal achieved: Shenmue is now officially coming to PS4

Shenmue 3

Update: Shenmue 3 reached its funding goal of $2 million in just 9 hours, setting a new Kickstarter record for fastest campaign to reach that much money. The campaign will stay open for another 31 days, leaving plenty of time for fans to pour more money into the development of the long-awaited game.

Original article: The fabled open world adventure game, Shenmue, is finally getting it's long-awaited third entry, so long as it's funded that is.

The sequel to one of the most famous cult classic series will come to PS4 and PC gamers sometime in 2017, so long as it hits its staggering $2 million mark on Kickstarter. Although, I don't expect that to be a big issue, considering the franchise's unwavering following. In fact, as I'm writing this, it already has upwards of $700,000 pledged in less than an hour.

Developer Yu Suzuki seemed enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of Shenmue. We'll keep you posted on Shenmue 3 and its Kickstarter campaign. In the meantime, you can check out its E3 promotional video below.

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