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PS3 Slim going gangbusters in Japan too

PS3 sales
The new PS3 has gone down great guns in Japan too

We've already seen UK sales of the PlayStation 3 jump as soon as the new hardware hit the shops, so it's no surprise to hear that sales are booming in Sony's home territory of Japan too.

The slimmed-down PS3 sold 151,783 units in Japan during its first three days on sale – that's up from around 1,000 per week across the country just before the revamped boxes rolled out.

Others far behind

Given that the old model PS3 had been bumping along at under 10,000 sales a week before the new gear was announced, Sony must be mightily pleased with the latest numbers.

By way of comparison, the Wii from Nintendo was the second-best-selling console on 21,000, with the Xbox 360 far behind on just 7,000 sales for the full week to 6 September.

Via Gamasutra