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PS3 Slim arrival produces massive sales spike

PS3 Slim - impressive
PS3 Slim - impressive

A neat new look and a price cut has worked wonders for Sony it seems, with sales of the PS3 increasing by more than 1,000 per cent according to the latest industry figures.

The new PS3 Slim may not please everybody, but coupled with a price drop, Sony has managed to gain an eleven fold increase in the sales of its console.

The data was assembled by Chart-Track who told gaming blog Spong that its system topped out at 999 per cent and that it was actually more.

11 fold

"There has actually been more than an 11-fold increase in sales over the previous week," said a spokesman.

"The PS3 also outsold the other three top-selling consoles (Xbox 360, Wii and DS Lite) by 3-1."

Chart-track does not give out specific numbers, so we can't tell you exactly what that means - but the news is clearly positive for Sony and its PlayStation brand.

The price drop makes the Blu-ray playing console an attractive proposition and that is clearly something that the buying public are aware of.

Via Spong