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New update to bring Facebook to Sony PS3?

Facebook looks to be PSN bound
Facebook looks to be PSN bound

Facebook's domination of games consoles looks set to continue with a leak from the company suggesting that connectivity to the social networking site is imminent.

ScrawlFX has managed to bag some images of the upcoming PS3 firmware update which were unwittingly posted on Sony's official PS3 site.

While the images have now been taken off, they clearly show a visual link to Facebook on the XMB, alongside the ability to choose your gamercard colours.

Social club

Facebook is expanding into the games sector at an incredible rate. Recently it was announced that the service will soon be available on the Xbox 360, alongside Twitter.

The arrival of Facebook and more recently Sky Player on the Xbox 360 has made the console into a real media hub.

Sony will no doubt want to follow suit, even though it has yet to get Sky integration, it already has TV capabilities through PlayTV and movie downloads are also just around the corner.