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Cheaper PS3 rocks UK console charts

The PS3 has struggled in recent times, but these new measures by Sony look to be pushing the console towards the light

After seven months of disappointing sales, the Sony PS3 has finally taken the UK console charts by storm. According to industry title MCV, the launch of the £299 40GB PS3 and the price reduction of the 60GB model have sparked a 178 per cent rise in sales.

PS3 sales take off

The price cuts came into effect last Wednesday and, less than a week later, the effect on the market was already becoming clear. The PlayStation 3 was selling significantly more than the Xbox 360 which, according to VG Chartz, suffered a drop in sales during the same period.

The question now is whether the PS3 can keep these sales figures steady, or whether the spike in sales will settle down again like it did after the first two weeks the console was on sale back in March.