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Games hardware market on up despite Wii slide

Is it really true that most Wii owners haven't been doing much of this recently?

Mere days after we brought you the news that many insiders in Japan's games industry believe the Wii is about to embark on a slide towards oblivion, another high-profile observer has come to the same conclusion.

Hirokazu Hamamura, president of gaming magazine publisher Enterbrain, has said that he reckons two thirds of Wii owners don't actually use the console. That's in keeping with other estimates we've heard, although how much of this is pure guesswork remains to be seen.

Where are the hits?

Hamamura also expresses concern that the Nintendo platform hasn't seen a major hit since the launch title Wii Sports, which Japanese punters had to pay for, rather than receive with the console.

There is, however, some good news for Nintendo in Hamamura's prediction that the DS Lite will have sold over 30 million units by 2009. Somewhat cheerily, he also suggests that the games market as a whole will pick up after Sony's introduction of a cheaper PlayStation 3 but cautions that Sony will need to ensure plenty of big-name PS3-exclusive titles.