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Apple TV also gets software update

Apple TV
Apple TV gets an update for iOS 4.3

Apple has launched Software Update 4.2 for its Apple TV box to accommodate the new AirPlay functionality outed in the today's iOS 4.3 launch for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The new update arrives alongside iOS 4.3 which brings iDevice users the opportunity to stream content from third-party apps to their Apple TV box.

For UK users, the update also brings a redesigned Apple TV keyboard to improve search functionality as well as new slideshow themes.


But the real boon comes for Apple TV owners based in the US, with the arrival of the and MLB League Pass subscription channels which can stream live baseball and basketball games to your TV.

Netflix subscribers using their Apple TV will now be able to watch movies and TV shots in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Surely it's about time UK users got some love for the £100 they splashed out on the box? At the moment, their device is a portal to rent movies from Apple, watch YouTube and not an awful lot else.

There's no TV show rentals, LOVEFiLM app, iPlayer or Sky Player available to British-based Apple TV owners. Come on Apple, show us the goods!

Update: will be available to UK users too. Hooray for the estimated 0.15 per cent of Brits who watch baseball.