Sony's Vaio L series all-in-one PC arrives in UK

Grand PC with Core i7 and Blu-ray options

Sony has unveiled its latest all-in-one, with the Vaio L series multimedia PC bringing what the Japanese electronics giant is terming an 'elegant focal point for your home multimedia collection'.

The Vaio L series brings a 24 inch Full HD display with full-frame multi-touch and LED backlight.

The screen features a glossy-black display and a is a tilt-adjustable "floating" display on a V-shaped stand with a novel touch sensitive 'edge access' to functions.

"It's beautifully easy to interact with your media collection using the full-frame multi-touch screen," explains Sony's release.


"Open and scroll through files, zoom and rotate images with intuitive fingertip gestures… and no mouse or menus needed," it continues.

"In an exciting innovation by Sony, the LCD screen of the VAIO L Series is surrounded by a touch sensitive new "Edge Access" that gives friendly 'no mouse' access to key functions."

Spec-wise, you can have either Core i7 or Core i5 Intel processors and the possibility of a Blu-ray player, along with S-force front-surround 3D and the potential to use the screen as just a monitor (for such things as a PS3, Sony readily points out).

It's certainly a nice bit of kit and is available now, but don't expect much change out of a grand for the basic version, with the UK price starting at just under £1000 and moving ever upwards as you boost the features.


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