Two new videoconferencing systems from Chinese company ZTE have been launched on the UK by its value added distributor Touchline Video.

The ZTE T700S 8MX-M and ZTE T800 12MX are both room based high definition systems. Their launch follows last year's release of the ZTE T700-4MX.

The ZTE T700S 8MX-M is rack mountable with a separate HD PTZ camera and embedded 5-way multipoint. It supports 1080p HD video resolution and H.264 High Performance to provide video at lower bandwidths.

It can be deployed in a meeting room and is aimed at small and midsized businesses.

The ZTE T800 is a more powerful system with A/V connectivity, suited to larger meeting rooms. It is designed to be rack mounted with a separate wide angle PTZ HD camera.

It supports HD resolutions up to 1080p/60fps, 1080p/30 dual streaming, H.264 High Performance and has an optional and an optional 6+1 multipoint hosting facility.