Top 10 business apps for iPhone

These top-notch apps for Apple's smartphone can help you run your business

10 Must have small business iPhone apps

The iPhone is a device many of us carry around and use every day for personal tasks, but with help from the App Store it also has a place in the business world.

Whether you're a large company with employees who have access to iPhones for work, or you're a small business – the iPhone has the potential to help boost your productivity levels.

Needless to say, you'll need the right apps to be able to do so, which is exactly why we've highlighted 10 of our favourite offerings here.

1. MailChimp

This app is a very useful complement to the MailChimp website

MailChimp is a solid app that tracks your company's email marketing. While MailChimp has withheld many of the features you find on the website, this makes the app easy to use, clean and refined.

The website allows you to create and send email campaigns, but the app is more of an analysis tool, used to check the data and figures. The app from MailChimp displays the percentage of users who opened and also clicked your email – in turn, this data can be used to refine your next email campaign.

The app will also allow you to view your mailing list contact information – you can view new subscribers and those who have unsubscribed, and organise your contacts via groups or location.

MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool, and although the app only offers a limited set of features, the information and tools provided are extremely valuable.

Price: Free

Download from iTunes:

2. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader
Adobe's Reader app can be used to add signatures to PDFs

Reader is a great free app from Adobe which deals with PDF format files. This app makes it really easy to import, fill/add, and then export. Adobe Reader allows you to add, highlight, underline, strikeout text, but it also allows for drawing and adding signatures to PDF files. After you have completed all your revisions Reader allows you to send the finalised document by email, or to other apps like Dropbox or Google Dive for storage.

Sign up for a free Adobe account and you can store and sync your documents in the cloud for free. The app also features a Camera to PDF option, but it is only available with a £6.99 (around US$12, or AUD$13) monthly subscription. Overall, Adobe Reader provides a great user experience.

Price: Free (Upgrade for £6.99 - around US$12, or AU$13 - per month)

Download from iTunes:

3. PayPal Here

PayPal Here
The PayPal Here app lets you accept payments on the go

It is more than likely that you will be familiar with the company PayPal. The online payment solution is branching out, and the most obvious example of this is the relatively new app – PayPal Here. Paypal's raise to dominance in online payments was mainly due to the popularity of the online marketplace eBay. PayPal's gradual move into more physical, and subsequently less digital environments is no surprise, and is an obvious evolutionary step for the payment gateway.

PayPal Here requires a physical card reader to function, which can be ordered from the PayPal website for £99 (around US$170, AUD$180) – after this up-front cost PayPal will then charge a 2.75 – 3.40% transaction fee for every payment you accept using the service. This is a small price to pay if your business needs to be able to accept card payments on the move or even at customers' homes.

Price: Free

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