TV show launches on PlayStation Network

Keep your finger on the 'Pulse', the new downloadable show

Pulse, a new downloadable TV show, has launched on Sony's PlayStation Network.

The show is described on Sony's Official PlayStation website as being: "For fans wanting even more ways to stay connected and in the know on PlayStation news and updates."

The new TV show, hosted by fidgety presenter Christina Lee, walks PS3 gamers though new additions to the PlayStation Network, so you can be sure to keep up to date.

Arcade joy on PSN

The show will be released twice a week, so you really have no excuse for not keeping up with everything new in the world of the PlayStation.

You can watch it on PC, PSP or PS3. Check out the first episode here.

In other PSN news, TechRadar has been caning Konami's awesome GTi Club+ over the last week – one of our favourite arcade games of 2008, which has just launched on PSN for a mere penny under a tenner.