PS4 job opening hints that voice control is in the works

Get chatty

Sony's Computer Entertainments division, currently beavering away on the PS4, has posted an interesting-sounding job on LinkedIn.

The company is looking for a 'speech recognition engineering intern' who will work on 'robust speech feature extraction' and 'processing of noisy speech with human voice in the background'.

Put into plain English, we'd say that it sounds like Sony wants an engineering intern to help it bring speech recognition to its gaming roster.

And while it doesn't actually state what platform, console or other hardware the intern will be working on, we can't imagine any new features Sony develops not coming to the PS4.

Shock to the system

We first saw the new PlayStation back in February, although we only got a look at the DualShock 4 controller and an Eye add-on for motion control; as well as a double-camera, the accessory comes with a 'four channel microphone array'.

What better use of a four channel microphone array than voice control and noise cancelling?

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