PlayStation 3: a waste of everyone's time?

Game guru says Sony should go back to drawing board

Gabe Newell has been at it again. The Valve Software games developer has brandished the Sony PlayStation 3 a "waste of everyone's time" in a blog interview with our sister title Edge.

"Investing in the Cell, investing in the SPE gives you no long-term benefits. There's nothing there that you're going to apply to anything else. You're not going to gain anything except a hatred of the architecture they've created," Newell said.

"I don't think they're going to make money off their box. I don't think it's a good solution."

PS3: difficult and expensive

It's been said in the past that the PS3 is a difficult and expensive console to develop games for. While programmers for both Xbox 360 and PC games can use the same development tools, the PS3's Cell processor is unlike anything else.

Newell said that as a result it's hard to get games on the PS3 up to the same standard as PC and Xbox 360 versions.


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