Download of the day: Total Commander

Take charge of your files

Total Commander

The Windows Explorer alternative Total Commander is a veteran; you don’t get many apps that are compatible with Windows from Windows 10 all the way back to Windows 3.1.

The interface may be defiantly old-school but the app itself is bang up to date: it’s been in continuous development since the internet was powered by steam, and it’s kept pace with every version of Windows since. If you wish Windows Explorer had more power, Total Commander is the app for you.

Why you need it

Total Commander is Windows Explorer with every conceivable extra feature added to it. It can compare files. It can show you thumbnails and quick view. It can rename multiple files. It contains an FTP client for uploading to the internet. It offers thumbnail navigation to help you find your way around your hard disk, SSD or removable storage. You can customise the way it looks, synchronise directories, change the way filenames are displayed, search with blinding speed, customise the toolbar,  and conjure up cacodemons from the very center of Mars.

We may have made that last one up. Doom-related tomfoolery aside, Total Commander is an incredibly useful tool for anybody who spends lots of time managing files.

Download here: Total Commander