VCom Fix-It Utilities 7

Give your laptop the once-over

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Our Verdict

A handy and affordable set of utilities to keep your laptop performing well


  • Good range of tools

    Easy to use

    Great value

If you have owned your laptop for a time, it is likely you've noticed it runs slower than it did. This is due to the nature of computers - scattered programs and extra Registry entries all aim to slow you down.

Fix-It Utilities 7 consists of a wide variety of individual tools brought together under a simple and clean interface and is designed to spot any potential problems and offer up solutions.

Controlled from a central control menu, you can see how well your laptop is running from the System Monitor page, which tells you how resources are being handled and how well your CPU is coping. However, it is the Diagnostics section that is the most important tool.

This Wizard-based application runs a lengthy series of tests aimed at troubleshooting your system. Once it has spotted any potential problems or bottlenecks, it offers up an array of tools for solutions.

One of the most vital parts of any computer is the hard drive. After all, this is where you store your programs and files. So it comes as no surprise there are a number of key features to help you maintain its performance. Optimise is another Wizard-based tool designed to test the integrity and speed of the disc.

SMARTDiskcheck checks the health of the drive, registering any bad sectors or potential problems. While it won't prevent a total system failure, it does mean you'll be able to see problems arising before they actually occur.

Finally, JETDefrag works in exactly the same way as Disk Defragmenter that comes with Windows, but in practice it does a better job of getting your hard drive in order.

Fix-It Utilities 7 works in exactly the same way as previous versions, but at £30 (inc. VAT) offers far greater value for money. If you have a regular maintenance routine you may not find this useful, but if you're an average user who leaves things until the last minute, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.