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Y-Cam EyeBall review

Fantastic camera features for keeping your property surveyed and secure

Y-Cam EyeBall
A sturdily-built camera for those serious about home security


  • Sturdy build for outdoor or indoor use
  • Clear image capture
  • Built-in microphone


  • No remote control
  • Requires a dedicated computer to record footage
  • Complicated to install

The Y-Cam EyeBall bridges the gap between home and business security cameras. It will give you an extra layer of protection, without the need for professional surveillance gear.

The striking design sets the Y-Cam EyeBall apart from its competitors, having more in common with a security camera in a department store than a webcam.

Because of this, installing it is a lot more complicated than some other IP cameras, where all you need to do is drill a few holes and screw in the base. The Y-Cam EyeBall is designed to be installed on a ceiling. There's even a guide to help you drill through the ceiling from above.

Is all this extra effort worth it? For image quality alone, the answer is yes. The Y-Cam's video capture is excellent, with plenty of detail – essential if you need to identify people or vehicle registrations.

It has a built-in microphone for capturing sound and, unlike footage from it's rival the Jabbakam, it's stored locally on your home PC. This means that don't need to pay a subscription fee, but you'll need a dedicated PC to record the footage. If you're serious about security, you'll also need a PC with a large hard drive designed to run all day.

The build quality is excellent, and means the camera can be installed outside. While the browser-based interface isn't as accomplished as the Jabbakam's, it offers enough control for most users. The only thing missing is remote control.


It might be overkill for a lot of people's needs, but if you want a powerful home security camera solution, the Y-Cam EyeBall is an excellent choice.

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