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CMS BounceBack Ultimate review

Speedy backup that doubles as a portable hard drive

CMS BounceBack Ultimate
This backup solution gives you peace of mind as well as a portable storage drive

Our Verdict

An original solution to the problem of creating an easy to use back-up without the hassle of traditional means. Also, the fact it's dual purpose adds to the appeal


  • Great speed
  • Good back-up software
  • Nice it doubles as an external HDD

Backup software is only a short way behind antivirus security software in terms of the least sexy parts of the IT industry… Is any part of the IT industry sexy? Anyways, CMS Products has come up with BounceBack Ultimate, a backup product that is – mildly attractive.

Unlike other back-up software that creates a ghost image of the drive to extract and restore at a later date, BounceBack does a full system backup to an external drive. This means, in times of crisis, you can boot directly from the drive.

As an added bonus you can also explore the back-up on any machine whether or not BounceBack is installed, making it simple to grab files that might otherwise be lost. Because of this it's also an ongoing process, that you can just have updating in the background.

During day-to-day use you can leave it plugged in and it will add on the files that you've changed at set intervals. Should your machine take a nose-dive at any point then you can simply boot from the backup and restore from a more recent setup than your average ghost.

It's a speedy process too, on our test-bench it backed up our system at 1GB/min and runs at around the same speeds restoring things. With a 150GB external drive included in the £116 price it's not bad when you consider the software alone is £75.

There's a £35 Lite version that has the same basic back-up functionality but lacks some of the more advanced, IT Admin extras, but is worth a look if you have a spare drive.

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