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Apptivo CRM review

Comprehensive app suite for CRM

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Our Verdict

Apptivo offers everything you need to organize your business and plan ahead, all for an incredibly low monthly price.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Diverse business suite
  • Intuitive interface design
  • Integrates with other software


  • Occasional glitches
  • Some apps work better than others

Apptivo is a well-known cloud-based customer relationship management platform (CRM). It was created as an affordable and user-friendly solution to help growing businesses manage all their day-to-day and long-term maintenance and planning. In the following Apptivo review, you’ll find out why this is one of the best CRMs on the market.

The Apptivo software platform is well suited to small businesses but also offers customizable and scalable tools for niche or large scale project management. The wide scope of services offered by Apptivo, combined with its reputation for high-quality customer service, makes this CRM well worth considering.

Plans and Pricing

Compared to other cloud-based CRMs, Apptivo is surprisingly inexpensive. There are four Apptivo subscription tiers, varying in price from $0 to $20 per user per month. The free Starter package is limited in scope but does offer some basic sales and project management functions.

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Choosing between the main two subscription plans, Premium and Ultimate, will mostly depend on your personal needs. They are both priced reasonably at $8 and $20 per month, respectively. However, as is typical with CRMs, they are billed per user, so costs will add up if you have a large organization.

Apptivo Premium features integration with other programs like Slack, Drive, and Microsoft Office. It also comes with 3GB of storage space and advanced workflow and client relationship tracking tools.

With Apptivo Ultimate, you get 10GB of storage space per user which is ideal if your team frequently works with data-intensive multimedia objects. Ultimate plans also offer more security options, customer service availability, and training materials for new users.

If you aren’t sure if Apptivo would be a good fit for your organization, a free trial of a Premium or Ultimate plan could be the way to go. Doing a trial, rather than just signing up for the Starter package is recommended since Apptivo Starter has relatively few features for you to try out.

Bespoke Plans

If you subscribe to a standard Apptivo plan but need additional features, don’t worry. It’s possible to add services to Apptivo accounts on an ad-hoc basis. Apptivo will work with you to put together a personalized package with specific features at a reasonable price.

What’s more, if you don’t want to give up your subscription to Office 365 or another project management software system, Apptivo support staff will find a way to transfer your data or integrate your existing tech stack into the Apptivo system.


Apptivo isn’t a traditional CRM. Instead, it operates as a series of integrated apps that come together to create a highly personalized organization management system. Key features include invoicing, file storage, project management, and timesheets. Also at the core of the Apptivo system are telephony and reporting functions.

A difficult aspect of running a business is measuring how teams manage their time on various projects and how this relates to revenue per project. To tackle this challenge, Apptivo syncs projects, timesheets, and customer data in order to generate reports and bill accurately.

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Apptivo’s project management app is one of the more outstanding parts of this CRM solution. It provides a visual representation of deadlines, shared project goals, and meetings. But what’s more, it’s user-friendly and easy to get to grips with. Compared to other CRMs, this feature alone makes Apptivo worth investing in.

Interface and In Use

Apptivo, kind of like Google Drive, is a suite of integrated applications. That means that describing the platform’s interface is somewhat challenging as it varies from app to app. However, in general, Apptivo applications are well-designed and intuitive to use, even for users who’ve never worked with a CRM platform before.

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Take Apptivo’s Agenda page, for example. This screen provides a good example of the look-and-feel of most Apptivo applications. It features clean text and icons, and its layout makes sense as soon as you see it. In the center of the page, you’ll find a calendar showing your daily agenda which is framed by shortcut buttons and urgent tasks.

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Each one of Apptivo’s numerous apps can function as a stand-alone program or be downloaded to a mobile device. This is particularly useful for sales or marketing teams on the go. In general, Apptivo follows a “there’s an app for that” philosophy and provides users with access to all sorts of features custom to their industry.

Apptivo apps include tools for NGOs, sales teams, real estate brokers, financial advisors, and more. This means that, depending on your sector, you could end up using vastly different Apptivo applications and services. In general, the flexibility of the Apptivo platform is most appreciated by users working in niche industries.


If you need help learning how to use Apptivo, you can find it on YouTube or sign up for a training session or demo. You can also talk to Apptivo representatives via online chat, through email tickets, or over a  customer service phone line.

Technical staff members are available 24/7 for Ultimate Apptivo subscribers and during weekdays for users with Premium or Free accounts.

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The Competition

When compared to other CRM tools, it’s clear that Apptivo offers great value for money. Its feature set is far more diverse than close competitors such as Capsule CRM. However, there are a few downsides to the Apptivo system with some users reporting occasional slowness and bugs in certain apps.

Final Verdict

Looking for a useful system to handle all of your business operations? Then Apptivo is a great CRM to start out with. This platform won’t just simplify the difficult task of managing customer relations, it will give you access to a wide range of industry-specific business applications and help you to store important files, projects, and customer data.