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Wozniak: Apple will 'go on pretty well' without Steve Jobs

Woz: Apple will be A-okay without Steve Jobs
Woz: Apple will be A-okay without Steve Jobs

Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has spoken about Steve Jobs' medical leave of absence, playing down speculation it could hurt the company.

Jobs, who is Apple's CEO and co-founder, is on leave for health reasons, but appeared at last week's iPad 2 launch to the delight of Apple fans.

Shareholders recently voted not to reveal the company's leadership succession plans, suggesting that all the Apple eggs are placed in a Jobs-shaped basket.

Good ole Woz

Woz, who left Apple in the '80s but is still a shareholder, feels differently. He broke his silence in Singapore today, saying, "Steve Jobs is only on partial leave. Even if he were to be on total leave, we have examined it.

"Apple will go on pretty well even if he is not there directly."

Although Steve Jobs is the most recognisable figurehead in technology today, we're pretty sure Apple will do just fine without him if he decides to leave Apple for good. After all, this is the company that made $6bn in pure profit during the last three months of 2010

Via Bloomberg