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Watch these ant-like microrobots tow a full-sized car

Tiny Robots

Scientists have created a tiny fleet of robots strong enough to tow a full-sized car. Take that physics!

Stanford University researchers unravelled the mysteries of nature that allows groups of ants to tug impossibly heavy objects more than 100x their body weight around, and geckos that climb up walls seemingly ignoring gravity.

What's more, the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory department at Stanford found a way to transfer these magical abilities to tiny robots, dubbed 'Microrobots' giving them superhuman strength when they work in unison.

Here's a video of Microrobots working together to shift an almost 2-tonne car, a Chevrolet Volt specifically, with just a pulley system in place and some fancy footpads courtesy of those geckos. They may be slow but they're getting the job done.

Talk about teamwork!

Via NYTimes, images courtesy of Stanford University